Film is culmination of many ideas. As story teller, in the process of bringing out one such engaging idea- we met and tried out with many local artists. After unable to get what we wanted, we searched through numerous websites, gone through some 100-odd number of international artists and finally locked with a skillful Russian Visual artist, who could fit into our budget. After n number of iterations and interactions with this foreigner through e-mail, we were successful in bringing out the concept art of the protagonist of this Feature Film.

This is one sample story out of numerous stories, that happened and will happen in the process of bringing this feature film to you, under the working title “GAAMI”

Until now, we narrated the stories that really excited us through our Short Films and we made them with what we had- sufficient time and not so sufficient money. Going away from non-required traditional methods and employing efficient unconventional techniques, falling and failing down in the process, finally we believe we succeeded in giving an unique experience to the audience with our short films.

Character Concept Arts


Though we don’t like to fit this film into a typical box called “genre”, to simplify things we call our film an Adventure drama with themes and elements that are bit taboo for mainstream Telugu Cinema.

The 186- page script has a total of 21 primary characters, with almost every other character needing its own style and design of costumes, few characters demand its actors to go for extensive prosthetic makeup and few other characters require its actors to have rigorous special martial arts and agile motor skills training.

To reduce the probability of untoward mistakes on the production, a thorough pipelined pre-visualization process was implemented during the pre Production phase.

Until now, we had brought out our short films in their pure original form with the resources we had. Now, in order to bring out this feature film in its pure original form and without any creative malignance to you, we need you, we need your resources. We are officially calling out for Crowd funding and Crowd Resourcing for this film.


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