Now, After having a glimpse of our Pre Production process, If you believe that this project deserves to be experienced on a giant big screen, then we are counting on you. We are officially calling out for Crowd Funding


The Principal Photography of this project will cover 8 different schedules spread across the period of 10 months spanned over diversified conditions of heavily precipitating south Indian village to freezing Minus degree Himalayan terrain, uncontrollably hugely populated holy city to precise control required 7 constructed sets. There is a requirement of accurate weather conditions at particular exact locations, for this story to be narrated. Irrespective of the challenges such a weather could bring and with precise timelines, the principal photography of this Feature film to be started by Septmeber, 2018.

After cutting down several unwanted conventional methods and choosing to work under effective alternate frugal techniques  , the Budget of Feature Film Gaami is projected at Rs.85,00,000/-

budget image
money boxes


You can be anyone who loves, encourages cinema, Irrespective of your addition of value, each one of you will be a definite value adder to this project.  To simplify the complex things, for the convenience of our value adders,  we have divided the total budget into various denominations of values.

       Value                                      No. of Value Adders                             what’s each of your value addition meant to project

Rs. 10,00,000/-                                               3                                                                An Ambitious set can been constructed

Rs. 5,00,000/-                                                6                                                                     A single schedule can been done

Rs. 1,00,000/-                                                 9                                    An imaginative character comes real with  believable makeup

Rs. 50,000/-                                                  18                                               Live Instrumentation for an arousing Background Score

Rs. 10,000/-                                                   25                                                A boring Ambience turns into story driven Art work

Rs. 5,000/-                                                    50                                                             A day of shoot with an Additional Camera

Rs. 1,000/-                                                    100                                                    An Actor turn into a character with a this costume

Rs. 500/-                                                      200                                           Worthless piece of material chiseled into plot driven prop

funding methods

We can assure that, we will return you something more than what you give us. Before considering to fund us, Go through our previous works. An action taken without trust is an action better not to be taken.

For any queries  regarding the project and funding methods.

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